During the months of December and January, there are several days where YouGrocer doesn't allow for regular orders to process, or we are just closed entirely for the day. With this in mind, we understand it can be really tricky managing between your regular orders and Christmas deliveries.

Below is some important information you need to know about regular orders during this festive season!

Placing your Christmas delivery, while your regular order is in your cart:

During the 24 hours your regular order is sitting in your cart ready to be checked out automatically, you won't be able to place a Christmas delivery.

What you will find, is that it will change the date of your regular order from the day it's meant to arrive, to the Christmas date you're looking at. We're really sorry about this, and are working on fixing this experience. In the meantime, enjoy that extra time you can plan for what you want to order.

Regular orders that are scheduled for unavailable or closed days:

To find out the days we're not operating regular orders, as well as our closed days, see this article here.

If your regular order day is going to fall on one of these days, our customer happiness team will be getting in touch prior so we can arrange for your regular order to be either moved to another day or skipped for that week. If you already know you're going away, we'd love for you to get in touch with us as soon as possible so we can look after your regular orders sooner.

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