Can I still get my usual same-day delivery?

Yes, we’ll be doing same-day delivery all the way up to December 22. If you want delivery on December 23 and 24, you’ll need to reserve your slot in advance.

Just remember, if you want a Christmas centrepiece (turkey, ham, seafood) delivered, you’ll need to place your order for meat centrepieces by Friday 17h December and seafood centrepieces by Sunday 19th December.

I have a Regular Order Scheduled on a day YourGrocer is closed - what do I do?

Our customer happiness team will be getting in touch prior to the day so we can arrange for your regular order to be either moved to another day or skipped for that week. If you already know you're going away, we'd love for you to get in touch with us as soon as possible so we can look after your regular orders sooner.

I missed the deadline for ordering centrepieces - what do I do?

Let us know as soon as possible via email ( or give us a call on 1300 851 343. We can’t make any promises - except that we’ll do our best to see what's available. To be safe, pop the delivery deadline in your calendar or on the fridge so we can guarantee delivery.

What Christmas delivery times are available?

We’re delivering pre-orders on 23rd & 24th December.

To see what times are available for your area, log into YourGrocer and click the delivery slots icon in the top-right corner. Then click the Christmas button.

Delivery slots will vary in different areas, but most will be able to choose two or more of the following times:

  • 11am - 2pm

  • 12pm - 3pm

  • 1pm - 4pm

  • 2pm - 5pm

Will my favourite shops be open?

All of the markets will be open both days so you can choose from our full range of butchers, fishmongers, bakeries, and grocers for your order. This is especially for Christmas!

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