Our membership is the best way to get the most out of YourGrocer. It's $16.99/month and allows you to place as many deliveries as you like without the $9.99 delivery fee, as well as gives you access to more delivery slots. If you receive two or more orders per month, this is the best option for you!

Where to find your plan details:

To find out which option you're currently on, select "Account" at the top of our website, then select "Settings". The first section of this page is all about the membership and casual option!

Activating your membership:

If you're currently on our casual plan ($9.99 per delivery), you'll be able to start your membership plan by selecting "update my plan" and choosing the $16.99 membership. Please note that once you have updated your plan, you'll be charged the first monthly payment straight away.

You can also activate your membership by reaching out to one of our customer happiness team members who would be more than happy to organise this for you. You can email us at hello@yourgrocer.com.au, or start a chat with us!

Pausing your membership:

If you know you're going away or have some extra time up your sleeve in the coming weeks, we're able to pause your membership so that you're always getting the most value out of our service.

Please reach out to us via email, phone, or live chat, and we can organise the rest including the time when you'll like to pause and reactivate your monthly payments.

Cancelling your membership:
Our membership is a month-to-month plan, so you have complete freedom to cancel or change your membership whenever it doesn't suit you anymore. To do this, go back into your account settings (Account > Settings), and select "update my plan". By choosing the Casual option, you'll go back to paying a flat delivery fee per order. As our payment is taken monthly, your membership will cancel at the end of your monthly cycle.

Here are five more reasons to become a member!

  • You can place as many orders as you'd like, with no additional delivery charges!

  • You're given access to more delivery slots, so you'll rarely miss out on your preferred time slot.

  • Our Customer Happiness team is available to help curate your very own personalised selection of stores and foods to try, with recommendations on the best times for you to place your deliveries!

  • If you're already placing two or more orders with YourGrocer each month, you'll save money on delivery fees which you can spend on other goodies!

  • You're a step closer to improving your individual food system, with incredibly made and carefully produced foods, delivered to you by a passionate team of Melbournians.

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