While I feel I'm not even close to mastering any form of a grocery list (will forever be trying though), I have learnt there are ways to make the dreadful list-making process easier for yourself and your family! This "master list" strategy will not only save you time, but also leave more mental space for your favourite song lyrics while you're cooking your next dinner.

What is a master grocery shopping list?

What differentiates a regular shopping list from a master shopping list are the items! The purpose of creating a master grocery list is to guarantee your weekly "can't do without" items never run out. This strategy eliminates the pain of forgetting those crucial items you need each week like milk from St Davids Dairy or bread from Rustica.

How do you know what to include in your Master list?

If not having enough of that item has the potential to cause a few tantrums, mess up your usual dinners or throw your week out of routine then it definitely needs to be added.

How do you know how much to include in your master list?

When you're looking at quantities, it helps to think about how much you would need of that one particular item to easily last the week. If you're usually left with 100ml of milk after 2x 2L bottles, then it's a great choice to have 2 bottles as your "master" amount. Make sure you're considering any regular events like trainings or meetings which are outside of your weekly breakfast/lunch/dinner plans.

I have my list! Now what?

Once you've set up your master list and you're ready to get groceries, its recommended first crossing off anything from the master list that you have enough of then you can focus all of your energy listing out what other items you need for the week- this may include ingredients for new recipes, any midnight snacks you want or things for hosting an event.

Why should you try this method?

Put simply:

  • Your staples are never forgotten

  • You can focus on getting new ingredients for the week

  • It gives you peace of mind that your bases are always covered

  • Makes the process of grocery shopping that little bit easier

  • You're one step closer to becoming a list master yourself

Essentially helps take the mental load of working out how many litres of milk you have left, questioning whether the kids ate all of the bread that morning, and guessing how much rice you have left from that brief walk by the pantry. Once you work out your weekly "must-haves" and their unique amounts you've got more room to focus on whatever else is on your plate for the week.

How can you start using this method today?

  • Setting up a YourGrocer regular order! You can set up a recurring order which will automatically checkout for you each week, this is a great way to organise your groceries if you have little time during the week to make your order. You just need to set up your "master list" of items and select what day & time you want it delivered, you then have 24 hours before your delivery day to make any weekly changes to that list and our YG team takes care of the rest! You can learn more about how regular orders work here.

  • Save your master list on our website using list feature. In one click your master list can be added to your cart which you can easily add to and edit! You can set up a list here.

I hope by now you've started to jot down your weekly "must-haves", I know I'll be adding a seasonal Fruit and Vege box to save even more time!

Remember, it doesn't matter whether your grocery list is in the form of post-it notes, found in notebooks filled with neatly made bullet points or on old receipts covered in scribbles- a list is a list! And the power they hold is magical.

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