How can I be confident I'll get a delivery slot?

If you're a YourGrocer member, you automatically get access to Priority Delivery Slots. We expect these priority windows will ensure that every member can get a delivery, every week. 

How do I access a Priority Delivery Slot?

If you're a YourGrocer member, you won't have to change anything! Just log in to your account and select a window as per normal. If the priority windows do sell out on a given day, you’ll also be able to access the non-priority windows too. 

What happens if the Priority Delivery Slots run out?

If this happens, you'll still be able to access any remaining non-priority slots that are still available.

Will my regular order be impacted?

No, if you have a regular order, nothing changes for you. Your order will be created 24 hours in advance, and then checked out automatically on the day of delivery. We keep delivery windows aside for your regular order, so you can be confident it will be checked out.

When does this come into effect?

We aim to open up Priority Windows at 11am, Thursday 26th March, for deliveries from Saturday 28th March onward.

Why is this important for shops?

With some orders being made a week or more in advance, pressure has been put on our small shops, who are seeing high volatility in the prices of produce at wholesale markets. When shops receive an order a week in advance at one price, they might not be able to source it for that price a week later. 

We hope that in providing these priority delivery windows, you’ll have the confidence to place an order closer to the date of delivery - which better supports the small shops in these uncertain times.

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