During high COVID-19 surges, all YourGrocer deliveries are completely contactless, and will be delivered to your front door.

Previously we were happy to continue bringing your order into your home if needed, but from now on we need to leave all deliveries at your doorstep.

How will this work? Your driver will unload your order to your front door (if you’re in an apartment, this will be your internal front door where possible). We’ll ring your doorbell and take a few steps back. Please come to the door and say hello!

We are also taking several other measures based on guidance from the Australian and Victorian government health departments: 

  • All team members thoroughly washing and sanitising hands every time they enter our distribution centre

  • Practising social distancing while your order is being packed and loaded 

  • All team members sanitising their hands before and after shop pickups and customer deliveries

  • Clear direction to all team members to stay at home if they feel sick (including financial support for our casual staff)

  • All team members who can work from home are now doing so

  • All team members who work from our distribution centre are required to wear masks

  • We are sanitising all eskies, crates and returnable cleaning bottles when they return to our distribution centre

  • We are compacting and recycling all returned paper bags (we know this is not ideal, but unfortunately we cannot sanitise paper bags)

  • All driver are required to wear masks while delivering your order.

We know that our service is more important than ever to many of our customers right now, so we’re taking precautions so that we can continue to provide a safe and reliable service.

We’ll continue to monitor the situation, and will keep you updated as we implement any further measures. Our Customer Happiness Team is also here to answer any questions.

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