What are Regular orders?

When you set up a regular order, you’re creating a list of regular items that will be delivered weekly on your selected day and time slot.

How do they work?

The day before your regular order is delivered, the regular items will be placed into your cart at 8am and we’ll send you an email/text notifying you that we’ve done this.

You’ll then have until 8am the day of your delivery (24 hours), to make any changes to your cart.

There's no need to check out your order. This is done automatically by our system- woo hoo!

For example: Your regular order is set to arrive on Friday's between 3-5pm. 

  1. The items in your regular order list will be added into your cart at 8am on Thursday. 

  2. This order is then automatically checked out for you on 8am Friday morning.

  3. They are delivered to your door between 3-5pm. Voola!

Making Changes to your Regular Order:

The rule of thumb when editing your order is:

If you want to make a permanent change to your regular order, you edit your list. Change quantities or cancel items under the "Regular delivery" tab. 

If you want to permanently add items to your regular order list, follow the steps and images below.

If you want to make changes to your order for the week, you do this in your cart during the 24 hours before your order is automatically checked out for you. You add items like you normally would for cart.

If you have gone in and edited your regular order list after we’ve popped your regular order into your cart for the week, then these changes won’t be reflected in the upcoming order. Instead, they will be in next week's order.  

Permanently add items: 

  1. Click the white, circular button with the three lines and plus icon next to the item you want to add. 

2. This window will pop up

3. Tick "My Regular Order" and change the quantity to what you'd like. Then click "Save and Close"

The item will then appear in the regular order list. 

Skipping your Regular Delivery
Each week you'll contact by sms/email to let you know about the creation of your Regular Order. You can reply to the email or text to skip this weeks Regular Order. 

Pausing your Regular Delivery
If your well-stocked for Groceries or heading on a holiday, you can pause your Regular Delivery until you return. 

You can do this by clicking "pause" in the Regular Delivery section of the site.

Changing your Regular Delivery Date
To change your regular delivery date click "change delivery date and time" (shown above). **Some stores on your Regular Order list may be closed on select days, so make sure these items are replaced from a different shop. 

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