You’ve probably heard that Aussie Farmers Direct went out of business about 8 weeks ago.

This was bittersweet news for us. It sucks that another independent fell over, but it meant some growth for YourGrocer.

We’ve been working with the administrators since we heard the news and today I’m excited to let you know that we have agreed to acquire the Aussie Farmers brand and member database.

YourGrocer has always stood for a fairer food ecosystem in Australia. This is a belief shared by Aussie Farmers Direct, and so bringing these two brands together only strengthens our mission to support local businesses while also supporting Australian farmers, producers, brands and manufacturers.

We do not intend to change our business model, but you will start to notice the Aussie Farmers brand used throughout our website. Initially this will be a stamp of quality on our seasonal fruit and veggie boxes.

If you’re currently buying a fruit and veggie box from us, you’ll notice the prices change a little so they are in line with what the Aussie Farmers Direct members were paying (couples boxes will go up and bit and family boxes will come down a bit).

We are going to be very careful with how much growth we take on over the next few months. We know that in the past we’ve sometimes grown too much, too quickly and that’s not been great for existing members. To combat this, we’ve built a waitlist and will only be taking on new members as we can confidently handle them.

We’re aiming to make sure same-day delivery windows are always available up until 11am. We’re working to reduce the number of out of stock items. We’re also training our entire team in continuous improvement so that we can all contribute to a better quality of service.

Thank you for your support. Your ongoing feedback along the way is super helpful.

The only way a little company like ours gets the chance to play in the big league is because of passionate customers who care about what we’re doing.

Most of all, thank you for trusting us with your food. It’s a responsibility we don’t take for granted 🙂



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