What you can, and can't do

  • For orders that have already been placed, you can add items yourself up until midnight the day before delivery.

  • You can also remove items , or cancel your order entirely, up until 1pm the day before delivery. After 1pm, our shops will start packing your order.

  • Please ensure that you don't adjust your delivery date when editing your order, unless you're needing your order at a later date. If you have adjusted your delivery date you may be unable to move the order back.

Frequently asked questions about editing orders

Why are there red error warnings in my cart?

When you’re editing your order, you may see some red error warnings on some items in your cart - these errors are showing just because some shops are full and can’t accept any more orders.

This won’t impact your order (which has already been received by our shops), it will just mean you can’t add any more items from that shop. You are welcome to remove items from these shops.

If there are no delivery times available, will my order still be delivered?

Yes - If the website is showing no delivery times available, or 100% capacity, that’s ok - we’ve got your order. When you update the items in your cart, we will auto-update and save your order, so no need to check it out again.

How to edit your order

1. Head into your 'Account' at the top of our website, or in the menu on mobile. Click on your 'Order History' (or, just click on the button below.)

2. In 'Order History' you'll be able to see your orders, past and pending.  Future orders (marked as 'unpaid') will have an orange 'Edit Order' button which will allow you to edit your cart.

3. In your cart you can then add the new products, delete the unwanted ones or change your quantities. 

4. You can also change the delivery date or time. You don't need to checkout again, the changes save automatically.

Making changes on the same day 

If it's the same day as delivery, the website won't allow you to cancel your order or edit your items. 

This is because the shops have already received your order and most likely have started or finished packing it. 

That said, our Customer Happiness Team are always happy to do their best to assist. 

Contact them before the 11am cut-off and they can check whether the shop will be able to make a same-day change for you.

We're unfortunately unable to make any changes to orders after 11am as they will have already left the store for delivery.  

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